Shazahn's trip Cannes get better

Shazahn Padamsee's recent holiday in France was pretty adventurous. The lady got a bout of viral fever, while her mom lost her handbag, but the duo had the time of their lives soaking into the glorious sights of Cannes. She shares the highlights of her holiday with CS:

The world at my feet
My mom and I decided to take two weeks off and head to France because that's a country that we've always wanted to visit. We had a great time taking in the sights and sounds of Cannes and Monte Carlo.

That's suite!
Sadly, my mom's Moschino bag got stolen by two professional Spanish thieves. She'd left it on the breakfast table when this guy came and started chatting with me. Half an hour later we realised that her bag was gone.  Thankfully, our passports weren't in that bag. We just lost about a 1000 Euros. But the good part about the incident was that the hotel upgraded us to the best suite since my mom created a big hue and cry. It had the most comfortable bed, the best sea view and a gorgeous bathroom.

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