'She told me about her lover after our wedding...'

Feb 27, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I got married three weeks ago. It was an arranged marriage fixed by my parents. I met her a couple of times before the wedding. She appeared to be nice and caring. Everything thing went off well. We even went for our honeymoon to Ooty. Last week, she dropped a bomb. She told me she was having an affair with a guy whom her parents disapproved of. She had told them that she had cut off ties with him, but it was a lie. The guy and she continued their relationship. When her marriage was being fixed, she did not have the guts to tell her folk about him. He told her that she can get married, but to remain in touch with him. So she did exactly what he said. It was his suggestion to spill the beans to me after some weeks of the marriage. I am shattered and broken for being taken for a ride. I have given her a piece of mind, but she says she cannot forget him. She has told me to not tell her family about it. I don't even feel like seeing her face anymore.
— Virat

Dear Diana
Dear Diana

Dear Virat,
This woman has ruined your life for no fault of yours. You have been the nice, caring husband, but she has taken you for a ride. You need to speak to her family members immediately and reveal the truth. She has kept them in the dark and they have no clue what their daughter is up to. She has betrayed the trust in you. She does not care for you, so she would be happy if you dump her. Her lover seems to be calling the shots and she has been doing exactly what he has been telling her. Tell her to go her way, but not before making everyone know the truth. Hopefully, you will find someone who loves you and reciprocates your feelings.

Diana will solve it!
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