While performing at the 48th show of Saif Hyder Hasan's play 'Ek Mulaqaat', actor Shekhar Suman narrowly escaped what could have been a fatal accident.

Shekhar Suman escapes near-fatal accident in GujaratShekhar Suman and Deepti Naval performing the play in Gujarat where the incident took place

While performing the climactic portion of the play at Gujarat University, Convention Centre, Ahmedabad, a light weighing 30 kg toppled off from a height of 30 feet. The light grazed Shekhar Suman’s shoulder, missing his head by a few inches. Shekhar Suman was performing with Deepti Naval when the incident took place.

This incident raises an important issue of security at venues designed for performance.

"The auditorium authorities need to realise that maintenance is the key. The Gujarat Convention Centre has good but ill maintained equipment," says the director of the play Saif Hyder Hasan.