Shiv Sena, BJP spar over central aid to crisis-hit farmers

May 13, 2015, 08:46 IST | PTI

Mumbai: Shiv Sena today lashed out at BJP-led governments in the state and the Centre saying it "will not hesitate to sit on the head of the Maharashtara government" over the issue of farmers' suicides and relief to crop growers hit by unseasonal rains neither bow down before it.

Sena's official organ 'Saamana' today said the answer given by the Government to the question raised on the issue by party MP Anil Desai in Rajya Sabha was "frustrating" and it "invalidated" Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis' claim that he had sought central aid for farmers hit by unseasonal rain and hailstorm.

"Who is playing with the lives of farmers when the (Union) Agriculture Minister says that the Centre has received no request for help for farmers? State Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse had said that what Singh said was untrue. Both ministers are trying to prove that the other is lying and who is actually speaking the truth?" 'Saamana' asked in an editorial.

Sena said the government should announce immediate aid to farmers when natural disasters strike, and sought to know if the help had actually reached those for whom it was meant. "While the farmers are yet to recover from their troubles, the Centre and the state ministers are playing the 'truth-and-lie game,' Sena said.

"Do not take the curse of farmers. Speak the truth... Though we support the BJP government, we will not bow down before them. We will raise the voice of people whenever required. In order to fulfil the promises we made to farmers, we will not hesitate to sit on the head of this government," the Sena said.

Reacting to the charge, Khadse, who belongs to the BJP, said Sena is yet to come out of the "opposition mindset" "It would have been good if they (the Sena leaders) have spoken to us directly if they had some questions. That would have made us happy. But they are making the use of media to raise questions. This is not correct," Khadse told PTI.

"They should remember that they too have ministers, which makes them a part of the government. But I think they are yet to be conscious that they are in power now," Khadse added.

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