Shiv Sena slams media's obsession with terror elements for TRPs

Aug 10, 2015, 18:06 IST | PTI

Slamming media's obsession with coverage of gangsters during Yakub Memon's hanging, Shiv Sena today said it should be once and for all decided as to how much focus given to terrorist excesses and whether it is tenable to do so for increased TRPs.

"A newspaper printed the whole conversation between Tiger Memon and his mother (before Yakub was to be hanged). If the conversation is indeed true, evidence should be taken from the newspaper as this issue relates to national security and lives of common people. If police do not find any proofs from the newspaper (on the reported conversation), strong steps should be taken against it," Sena said in an edit in its mouthpiece 'Saamana'.

It said that Dawood Ibrahim has become a source of TRP (Television Rating Points) for the media and that it is not right to make the dreaded gangster a "super hero" for the sake of TV ratings.

"What purpose is served by showing Chhota Shakeel's comments in the media who acts as a spokesperson for Dawood Ibrahim ? It should for once be decided how much importance is needed to be given to terrorists," it said.

"The country is anyway fear-stricken and there is instability. Terrorists are striking in Kashmir and Punjab.

Cities like Mumbai and Delhi are reeling under pressure. Due to threats from terrorists, security for judges, Prime Minister, Home ministers, etc is being increased for their safety, but, who will protect India and its people?" the Sena said.

Stating that it is unfortunate that India is living in fear from threats after Yakub Memon's hanging, the editorial said, "After America launched an attack on (the hideout of) Osama Bin Laden (in Pakistan) and finished him these terrorists have not been able to strike the country again."

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