Parents of around 30 senior KG students of a convent school in Dharavi were in for a rude shock on the day of the result. while receiving the mark-sheet of their wards, they were asked by the school to look for admission elsewhere because the school could no longer accommodate them.

The school only had classes till fourth standard till two years back before it was extended till class VII. But since the infrastructure remained the same, the school decided to use a lottery system to decide who remains in school and who would be asked to look for another school.

The result was declared on April 21 for these senior KG students which was also the day of the lottery.

One of the parents, Ezaz Ahmed Farooqui, told mid-day, “We took admission to this school because the school recently extended till class VII. We hoped that it will extend further and we will not have to look for another school for our children in the near future. But to our shock, the school has asked us to look for another institution just after senior KG. Moreover, the school did not even bother to give us any notice. They are telling it on the day of the result, when all other nearby schools’ admissions are almost over. It is not easy to look for admission in class I.”
Farooqui has already started making rounds of other schools. He has visited almost five schools in the last three days but in vain as either admissions are over or there is no vacancy in class I.

Another parent, Yasmin Ansari, said, “The school should not have had given us admission three years ago in nursery if they were not able to accommodate all of us in further classes. Or they could have at least made an appropriate arrangement to accommodate these children in other nearby schools. Now they have left us in a lurch.”

Shaan Illahi, joint secretary of suburb, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), Mumbai, who is helping the worried parents now, said, “This is so inappropriate and is completely against the Right To Education (RTE) Act, which gives children the right to free and compulsory education. We met the school principal on Monday with all the parents. But he refused to provide us a convincing reason. If the school fails to provide an appropriate solution to this mess in next two days we are to knock at the doors of authorities.”

School authorities could not be contacted for their comments.