SHOCKING! Women having sex should be hanged, says Abu Azmi

In a controversial statement, Maha SP chief says that if any woman, regardless of consent, has physical relations with a man, she deserves death penalty. WE HAVE THE AUDIO CONVERSATION

In a bizarre and grotesque statement, the state Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Abu Azmi said women who were raped should also be punished. The statement came after this reporter questioned Azmi about SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav’s comments on rape.

Abu Azmi Farhan Azmi
Disgusting: SP’s state chief Abu Azmi said both the girl and boy, in a rape case, are guilty and should be punished by death. Farhan Azmi (right), SP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Mumbai North Central constituency, disagreed with his father and the party head, and advocated the death penalty for rapists. File pics

Yadav had, at a rally in UP, said that the death sentence for as punishment for rape was too harsh. “Ladkon se aisi galtiyan ho jati hain, to iska matlab yeh to nahi ki unhe phaansi de di jaaye (Boys make mistakes, but this doesn’t mean you hang them),” he told the gathering (see box below 'What Mulayam Singh Yadav' said).

To the gallows
When this reporter asked for Azmi’s comments on his chief’s statements, he replied that rape was punishable by death in Islam. “Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam. But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty.” 

He further added, “In India, if you have sex with a person with consent, it’s fine. But if that same person complains, it’s a problem. Nowadays, we see a lot of such cases. Girls complain when someone touches them, and even when someone doesn’t touch them. It becomes a problem then, and the man’s honour is ruined in this. If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam.”

When asked for a solution to the problem of rapes, Azmi had this to say: “Solution is this: any woman if, whether married or unmarried, goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged. Both should be hanged. It shouldn’t be allowed even if a woman goes by consent.”

On Mulayam
After saying all this, Azmi remained pretty diplomatic about reacting to his boss’ comments. “What context has he spoken in? Sometimes, the wrong people go to the gallows. Josh mein ladke aisa kar jaate hai. I won’t speak against Islam,” he commented.

Son disagrees
However, his son Farhan Azmi, who is contesting from the Mumbai North Central constituency, disagreed with his father and party leader. “I believe a rapist should be hanged a hundred times. I have five sisters and everyone in my family believes the same.”

The entire conversation: This is what Abu Aazmi said

Reporter: Today Mulayam Singh made a statement in UP that the death penalty for rape was unfair, as “boys make mistakes”.
Azmi: It’s the death penalty for rape in Islam. But here, nothing happens to the woman; only the man bears the punishment. But, even the woman is guilty. In India, if you consent to sex, there’s no problem. But if there’s a complaint, then there’s a problem. These days, the number of such cases has increased where girls go and complain whenever they want. If one touches them, they complain, and if no one touches them, they still complain. Then, the problem starts, and the man’s honour, which he has earned throughout his life, is destroyed. Rape with or without consent should be punishable as per Islam.

Reporter: So, do you mean to say that the woman should be punished as well?
Azmi: If a woman is caught, then both she and the boy should be punished. As per Islam, if someone has (sex) with consent, it’s the death penalty even then. In India, there’s death penalty for rape, but when there’s consent, there’s no death penalty. But, this is a question of life and death between consent and no consent. If you agree to be with someone, it’s okay. But the moment something goes wrong, and one gets angry and starts blackmailing, then the other person would be hanged; this is a serious issue.

Reporter: So, what is the solution for this?
Azmi: The solution is that if any girl, whether married or unmarried, goes with a guy with or without her consent, they should be hanged.

Reporter: The girl should be hanged, too?
Azmi: Yes, both should be hanged.

Reporter: But we are not talking about sex with consent. The issue is rape.
Azmi: As per Islam, rape deserves death penalty. If someone rapes a woman, she shouldn’t be punished, ladki to bechari hai. The whole country should stand with her. But, what is happening, on the other hand, is that if the girl goes and does it with consent, even that shouldn’t be allowed.

Reporter: So according to you, sex with consent shouldn’t be allowed?
Azmi: Obviously. No parents in our Indian culture would agree if their daughter goes out with another man, and indulges in something wrong. But, as per Islam, if a girl does it, she will be awarded the death penalty. What I mean is that if there’s rape, then there should be punishment. But on the other hand, as per Islam, if two people go to a hotel and have sex with consent, even that should be banned. They should be punished.

Reporter: What punishment?
Azmi: If I say something, that would be against my religion, but I won’t talk against my religion. The punishment should be death by hanging.

Reporter: Do you agree with what Mulayam Singh Yadav says?
Azmi: See, I don’t know what context he said it in. But, at times, the wrong people are awarded the death penalty. Boys do it in josh, but what can I say in this? The death sentence should be given. I won’t speak against Islam.

B-Town condemns Abu Azmi, Mulayam Singh Yadav over rape remarks
With Abu Azmi and Mulayam Singh Yadav's controversial statements about rape becoming a rage nationwide, Bollywood celebs including Abu Azmi's daughter-in-law actress Ayesha Takia Azmi take to Twitter to voice their opinion. Here's what they say...

What Mulayam Singh Yadav said
At a rally in Moradabad, UP, the SP leader and former UP CM said that the death penalty was “unfair” as “boys make mistakes”. “Ladkon se aisi galtiyan ho jaati hain, to iska ye matlab nahin ki phaansi de di jaye (Boys do make such mistakes, but that does not mean that they should be sent to the gallows),” he said.

Mulayam Singh Yadav
SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav said, in a UP rally yesterday, that sending men to the gallows for committing rape was “unfair” as “boys make mistakes”

Referring to the Shakti Mills rape case, Mulayam Singh, whose party is in power in Uttar Pradesh, said: “Two or three accused have been given the death sentence in Mumbai. We will change such laws when we come to power ... we will also ensure punishment of those who report false cases.”

Three of the four men found guilty of gang-raping a 23-year-old photojournalist in the abandoned Shakti Mills in central Mumbai last August, were given death sentence after they were found guilty in another rape case.
“If boys and girls have difference, and the girl goes and gives a statement that I have been raped, then the poor fellows are punished,” he continued.
— Agencies

MNS leader Raj Thackeray slammed the Samajwadi Party supremo for defending Shakti Mills rapists. Here's what the MNS chief had to say about Mulayam Singh's controversial statement on rape. Watch the video here



  • anil albuquerque24-Apr-2014

    Sugar is sweet when it goes in to the mouth.

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    This guy is a complete idiot. They need to be hanged before the rapists.

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    He has to hang himself first!

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    Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam. But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty. Its time now India should get rid of the disease called Islam

  • Ashutosh11-Apr-2014

    There is nothing wrong in his conversation. Where did he said that a rape victim should be hanged, on the contrary his statement was more clear that the whole nation should be with her and rapist should begiven at least death penalty.

  • Rakesh Kumar11-Apr-2014

    Gang rape is not a mistake.Death penalty is justified for such heinous crime.

  • MBA RAO11-Apr-2014

    It means all men and women to be hanged, dirty useless political brains, they talk what ever they want. no other alternatives. take proper action, like compulsory marriage, don t allow social gatherings to particular family or person. and license to prostitutes officials, stop bars after 11 pm no movement in cities. cell phones to closed between 11 pm to 4 am. jai hind

  • Rahul11-Apr-2014

    Please, I want to go out of this country, seems like India is becoming an Islamic country. I don't know how many innocent people get killed but they don't. Fuck what your Islam says, I just want to say him "send your grand daughters and her friends to me then I will rape them and say I did in "Josh". I have hated the U.P but now hating the county as they are spreading all over the country. God save us. Please.

  • citizenofindia11-Apr-2014

    Are these people out of their minds ?! Firstly I recommend them to go to a psychiatrist. A psychiatrists help is very much needed to correct their mental status as of now. Do they know what they are talking ? How pathetic is our country under these so called rulers. "Boys make mistakes" ??! Are they 9 or 10 year old kids to "make mistakes"??! And girls "having sex with or without consent should be hanged "?? Mister abul azmi can you please tell the country how you were born ??!

  • citizenofindia11-Apr-2014

    Were you born by some in vitro fertilization method ?! Whatcrap do you people even talk ?! Learn and thoroughly revise the definition of rape first and then talk. How about yourown daughter getting raped ?! Would you leave the accused ? No girl gives a consent for rape. Then it wouldn'tbe called as rape you idiot. And no accused will be just like that given a death sentence.only after a thorough investigation would any accused will be given a punishment.

  • citizenofindia11-Apr-2014

    Maze mein kuch bhi kar sakte hai lekin iska matlab nahin ki uss maze mei ek ladki ki jaan se khelo. A person who rapes a girl is a criminal. His mentality is criminal. There is a genetic basis for criminality .such people not only commit rape but can go to any extent. They should not be spared. And people like you shouldn't also be spared.

  • Sonia11-Apr-2014

    Idiot.....leader by error he is. he has to be hang first.

  • jasper11-Apr-2014

    These days many women file false complaint against their husbands and inlaws under 498(a) and demand huge amount. Anti dowary law is misused. No leader stands for man.

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    Ye abu azami pagal kutta hai

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    Its a pity to see the thoughts of these ministers who claim to get security for women. These two should be punished for making such statements about women.

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    Do you believe Atal Behari Vajpayee ji? If yes, then watch the two attached links below. after watching these links, please ask your conscience. I ask you are you still willing to vote for Modi? .......Mr Atal was a personality whom every one liked, he used to say white to white and black to black. He himself deputed Modi ji to Gujrat to fight election in 2001 or 2002, however the way Modi handled after winning very soon developed a rift in Hindus and Muslims, The riots spread in the state k

  • Ravi mudappa11-Apr-2014

    Bunch of demented fools with a warped mind. What else can one say to such insensitive comments.

  • Kumar11-Apr-2014

    What would be the future of India, If these kind of stupid people will rule the country, shame on us that what kind of leader we have elected, they should be hand on passing these kind of statement, I am sure they have done these kind of act in their past, they all are serious ailment and should be thrown out for the better future of india.

  • D.subramaniam11-Apr-2014

    Mentally sick people utter these nonsense comments

  • Wini11-Apr-2014

    Misinterpreting religion is what is wrong with our country. And of course, Abu Azmi himself. One can't help but wonder if they think with their- for lack of a better word- dicks.

  • Vizal11-Apr-2014

    With all such statements it shows they both have done the same kind of shameless acts in thr past. Thats why they both supporting it. Hang them to death ...INSANE PEOPLE

  • Suneeth11-Apr-2014

    What kind of voters do we have in our country voting such demented crooks to power? The Mulayams, Azams, Abus and their ilk cannot be so confidently making such comments without knowing fully well that they are impressing a major group of similar thinking voters. The future is frightening, to say the least, for UP if these guys are allowed to wield any kind of influence over people whether in power or not.

  • Alice11-Apr-2014

    Mr. Azmi, Firstly, not all Indians are your brothers and sisters because they're not all Muslims. Secondly, what do you say about Farhan and his now wife? They were seeing each other for very long before they got married? Is that allowed and acceptable to you as per Islamic rules?? Thirdly, you should study Islam before passing generalized statements because it shows the religion in poor light to those who are not Muslims.

  • manikandan11-Apr-2014

    Thts really disgusting both by mulayam and rape a small mistake.. I won't talk about the punishments given because death is an easy escape not punishment.. This people are ruling my country really feeling bad about it.. See human being as a human not a mistake machine.. Not frustrated just worried about my India..

  • litesh11-Apr-2014

    crap... where the hell did he come from... sex with consent shouldn't be allowed?? tum kaha se paida hua.. and girl should be punished?? you should be hanged for saying this.. tum log to sale kuch kr na skte rapes ko rokne and after all every thing just happens you guys defend, is that what is islam?? or is that is humanity?? i strongly believe no religion says anything against humanity... these guys are animals...

  • Sam11-Apr-2014

    Farhan is the by-product of ... ?

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    halleluya!! what sort of leaders and ministers do we have? how can India improve?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well why am I not surprised. So disappointing. Does this person even understand the definition of rape. Also why cant we keep the glorious state of India SECULAR.

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