Shot in the dark: Actress installs cameras in hubby's office to check on him

Feb 14, 2014, 11:03 IST | The Hitlist Team

This actress, who is married to a director, seems to be a bit hassled these days. And it seems that the reason behind her stress is her filmmaker hubby.

Shot In The Dark

Apparently, he is besotted with one of the many newbies he has launched lately. It is being said that he is constantly hankering after the atention of this one-film-old actress and is always trying his best to impress her in different ways. However, he has failed to make the actress fall for him so far.

When the another actress in his life — his wife —learnt about this development, she decided to take immediate action. To avoid any sort of turbulence in her married life and to keep a close eye on her husband's activities, she has installed cameras in the filmmaker's office.

Given that this is an industry that sees more than its share of divorcecases every month, this actress wife is clearly keen to not lose sight of her philandering husband.

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