Shot in the dark: It's her or me...

The grapevine is abuzz that this actor-producer, who is producing and starring in a film, is besotted with his co-star and is having an affair with her. This was obviously not taken too kindly by his wife. She is said to have walked out of her marital home in a huff and is now put up in her mother’s place.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

The husband now repents his mistake and has quickly replaced the hot actress with another one, to make peace with the wife.

This seems to have worked with the wife who’s still said to be in her mother’s house but is open to discussion. The wife, we hear, has also been subjected to domestic abuse quite often, thanks to the film maker-cum-actor’s terrible temper. Now it is to be seen if the wife relents and returns to her husband’s home.

  • abc12325-Mar-2014 let everybody know who they are !!

  • Shaz25-Mar-2014

    Must be Akshay Kumar??? cant think of anyone else. this stupid imagine looks like Salman and Daisy but Salman ain't married.. .so cant be him :( someone help!

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