Shot in the dark: Producer spews venom about leading actor

Jul 18, 2015, 07:45 IST | The hitlist Team

Unhappy over the unavailability of a star for his next, this leading producer has been bitching about him to fellow industry members. 

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Shot in the dark

An industry insider says, "The producer has been trying to get in touch with the actor, but the latter is ignoring his calls. The actor wants to be part of the film, but he does not have dates."

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The script has been narrated to the actor, but the project has no moved ahead even an inch. Now, the makers are still waiting for the actor’s confirmation. In the meanwhile, the director and the producer of the film want to get their project rolling as soon as possible. Recently, the producer was seen pouring his heart out to a friend about how the actor is behaving unprofessionally.

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