A few weeks ago, this much-in-demand actress signed a deal with an aerated drinks brand, but not at her usual endorsement rate. From what we have heard, she was so keen to bag the offer that she slashed her fee by 20 per cent.

A source says, “The brand was looking for a fresh-faced actress to endorse their product. After conducting market research, they had zeroed in on a newcomer for their latest commercial. However, when this established actress got wind about it, she used her industry connections to ensure that she bags the deal.”

Since the brand had planned to sign a rookie to be part of their new ad campaign, they were not in a position to pay a fat fee to this biggie, who generally commands Rs 4-5 crore per deal.

“So, when she initiated talks with the company from her end, they were in a fix. But the actress, who has limited brands in her kitty and wants more visibility in the endorsement circuit, offered to slash her fees by nearly 20 per cent. Her contemporaries are charging good money for such deals, but she is happy with the pay cut and is looking forward to sign more brands. The company rejoiced, since it was a win-win situation for them; they got a big name on board without burning a hole in their pocket,” adds the source.