Shot in the dark: This B-Town newbie won't pay for a publicist!

Having starred in several films in the South Indian film industry, the entertainment world is not new to this actress. However, she is a newbie in Bollywood.

If sources are to be believed, this actress is yet to learn a lesson or two from her superstar sister. Even as she gears up for her Bollywood debut, she has been on the lookout for a new publicist. But it seems that she’s not keen to follow conventional payment methods.

A source says that recently, when a publicist met with this actress to discuss the possibility of representing her, the former was shocked to hear about her ‘payment option’.

“The actress told him that she won’t pay him in cash but in kind. He was outraged by the suggestion; it was clear that she didn’t want to pay him any money,” says the source.

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