This young actor, who appears to be madly in love with his actress-girlfriend, was seen chatting up a reality show contestant at a new eatery in town. They are said to have had met at a social gathering earlier when they were introduced to each other through a common friend. Since then, he has occasionally been catching up with the girl.

shot in the dark

A source, who has spotted the actor in the company of the girl he seems to now fancy, says, "The moment he saw her, he wanted to get to know her better. She is not even part of the industry — just a reality show contestant. It's been only a short while that they got introduced, but he has already taken her home. He disclosed about this development to their common friend."

The actor is known for his flamboyant personality and this bit of gossip has not come as a surprise to people close to him. "He and his girlfriend are in an open relationship. We keep hearing such stories about both of them," states another source.