Sibling revelry in Bollywood!

Tusshar Kapoo and Ekta Kapoor
Tusshar Kapoor on sister Ekta Kapoor

Ekta’s more of a friend than an elder sister. We do advise each other being part of the same family. Ekta’s been very protective about me right since we were kids. People have this opinion of her as a tough businesswoman but when it comes to family, Ekta’s a real softie. She keeps on checking my work and offering ideas on areas where I can improve. I also try and follow her shows on television so that I can offer some inputs. Being her brother, I want her to succeed in whatever she does in life. I love her never-say-die spirit. She doesn’t give up easily. Ekta’s a strong-minded woman and extremely loyal towards her loved ones. These are the traits I admire most in her.

Zayed Khan and Farah Khan
Farah Khan Ali on brother Zayed Khan

Zayed is my baby brother as he is the youngest amongst us three sisters. I used to babysit him as a toddler and then discipline him as a youngster. We have had a very close relationship where Zayed respects me as an elder sister at the same time we share an amazing bonding and closeness. In fact, a lot of people tell us we look alike though we are poles apart in habits. Zayed is a warm, affectionate, giving brother who lends his support when required. I feel lucky to have him in my life and always wish well for him. I love him too much.

ivek Oberoi and Meghna Oberoi
Vivek Oberoi on sister Meghna Oberoi

My sister Meghna is a beautiful slice of my childhood that can never be lost. In fact, I thank her for preserving the best of my childhood in her unconditional love!

Minissha Lamba and Karan Lamba
Minissha Lamba on brother Karan Lamba

Rakhi has always been celebrated in a big way in my family. Since childhood, my brother and I have always been more like buddies than siblings. As a child, I used to put my best foot forward just before Rakhi, so that I don’t miss out on my gifts. Every year, I make elaborate preparations for my brother and celebrate it in a big way with my family. My most memorable Rakhi was the one we celebrated at our new house in Mumbai. I wanted to make my brother feel like a child again so I searched all over Bandra for a special Rakhi which had a cute Mickey Mouse on it. My brother loved the Rakhi so much that he has preserved it as one of his prized possessions!

Sharman Joshi and Manasi Joshi Roy
Sharman Joshi on sister Manasi Joshi Roy

My sister Manasi gushes over all my performances, whether they are good, mediocre or bad. For her, it’s her little brother on screen! She has been very supportive of me since childhood. Manasi is a wonderful actor herself. My sister and I are both fond of reading and travelling. Whenever Manasi reads a good book, she recommends it to me. We are more like friends now, but she never loses an opportunity to lavish her affection on me.

Anushka Manchanda and Shikhar Manchanda
Anushka Manchanda on brother Shikhar Manchanda

Rakhi for us has always been about the family spending time together. This year I’m going to pray that Shikhar becomes even better at making music and always stays in good health. I’m going to promise to always be there for him. As is the tradition in my home, I will tie him the biggest, most embarrassing Rakhi available and get him to do my bidding all day.  

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