Signboard falls near Vasai station, two people injured

Two people are serious injured after a acrylic-marble signboard fell on them near Vasai West station on Saturday evening.

A lady Sarna Prasad Pereshwari was walking on the footpath where the incident took place and Amit Shukla was on the road infront of a shop named PG and Sons cloths. The signboard was placed above the first floor and was made of Acrylic and Marbles.

The board made of Acrylic and Marble fell on Pereshwari and Shukla, injuring both of them.

Shukla was waiting  below the shop for his wife, who was arriving from work.

Pereshwari was taken to Cardinal gracious hospital, and Shukla was taken to Golden park hospital at Vasai by the locals

Official from Vasai police said they have not yet been intimated about the incident till now.

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