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Sep 06, 2011, 07:20 IST | Dhara Vora

American surfwear and boarding brand Quiksilver and Roxy's has some funky accessories on offer, although at fancy prices. Stay clear of the mundane clothing line

Why would a manufacturer of boarding and surfwear open shop in a city that boasts of potholed roads and a grim, grey ocean? We dropped in at Quiksilver and Roxy that opened doors last weekend, to find out.

On display were a range of tees for guys and girls (Rs 895 onwards), flip flops, bags, denims and board-shorts, all for the deep-pocketed young consumer. But this is where the mundane ends.

It's the accessories that you should head straight to if you decide to drop in. The iPod Touch covers (splattered with graffiti on it; Rs 1,195), we thought were funky as was the Make Your Own Belt Set (with seven belts with interchangeable buckles; Rs 6,295). The laptop sleeves with colourful cheques is a great buy as its quirky enough to hold in your hand (Rs 1,595) A range of waterproof luggage emblazoned with colourful alphabets is a timely introduction (Rs 7,595).

At Quiksilver and Roxy, Shop no 6, ground floor, Phoenix Courtyard, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel.
Call 66345011

The GUIDE says, go for these

Reversible board shorts
Rs 1295 onwards
The boys will like the reversible shorts � blue and green on the outside, and sporting colourful capsules or waterguns when you turn them over (Rs 3,595). Good buy for the Mr Lazybones. You can wear them twice over before throwing them in the wash. Checkered shorts for women cost Rs 1,295.

The Roxy Bag
Rs 2,595
The bag is good to carry your keds and towel to the gym. Check out their range of waterproof backpacks (Rs 1,295 onwards).

Roxy flip-flops
Rs 1,295 onwards
The safe can go for their monochrome flipflops but we dig the ones with metallic detailing on the straps (Rs 1,595). Look out for a white pair with rainbow thread straps. They also have a few good pieces of gladiator sandals fitted with metallic studs, for the Rock-Chic look (Rs 1,895).

Little skateboards
Rs 395 each
For those of us who can't skateboard, there is a range of miniature momento skateboards that come with tiny screw-drivers and graffiti stickers, so you can play mechanic and dismantle them if you like.

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