Faizan Shaikh, who had divorced starlet Nilofer Khan three-and-a-half years ago, attacked her mother for a moment alone with his ex-wife, to convince her to wed him again

This man was so desperate to remarry his divorced wife that he decided that no obstacle, not even his ladylove's mother, would stand in the way.

Faizan Shaikh was frustrated with his ex mother-in-law Bano, as she constantly chaperoned Nilofer

Oshiwara police have arrested Faizan Shaikh (25) who assaulted model Nilofer Khan's mother with a hammer, and fled on October 20. ('Model's angry ex-hubby hammers mother-in-law'). The police arrested Shaikh from a friend's house in Mira Road on October 24, on charges of attempted murder.

According to Oshiwara police, Shaikh wanted to remarry her, after the two had divorced each other three-and-a-half years ago. However, neither Nilofer nor her mother were eager to renew familial ties with him.
Stalker alert

In her statement, Nilofer told cops that even after their divorce, Shaikh would always follow her around. As a result, her mother Shamshad Bano was worried about her safety.

Not wanting her daughter to be accosted alone by an angry and alienated ex-husband, Bano used to accompany her daughter everywhere she went.

Frustrated at being denied any access to the object of his affections, Shaikh decided to eliminate Bano from the scene, so that he could convince Nilofer to remarry him.

On Tuesday night, Shaikh rang the bell at Khan's house in Ashiyana Towers, Oshiwara. When Bano opened the door, Shaikh pulled out a hammer and attacked her.
Khan, who was in the next room, emerged to find her injured mother lying on the floor, with a furious Shaikh standing over her. When neighbours started appearing to offer help, he slunk away.