Walking down memory lane with photographs, traversing the path of history, there is a lot to this exhibition. Catch it in the Delhi

The heat is on the rise in the Capital, thanks to this one-of-a-kind photo art exhibition that kickstarted recently. Titled 'Infinite Perspectives', the exhibition is an initiative by the CAMERAunLIMITED. They organise monthly exhibitions and promote budding talent in the industry by giving them a chance to showcase their talent. This time it's Anwita Sarin, Anubhav Das and Ravi Dhingra's turn.

Anwita Sarin, who works on old photographs and bring them together as an art piece is a textile design graduate from Nift. "I have been doing this work for the last four years. I have got a lot of appreciation for it as it's not photography as people know it but something that is hatke," she says.

In this exhibition, she has put together an installation based on nostalgia and memories. It traces the life of an 84-year-old woman who is a family member. "I am tracing her life right from her childhood to the present with the help of photographs," says Sarin.

Anubhav Das, who is showcasing, is a photographer. "To look at something that everyone can see but to capture something different...something that goes beyond the ordinary...that, to me is the essence of photography," he says.

In this exhibition he is putting up pictures from Mandu, a historic place. "In these pictures I have focused on the various ways in which light has been used in the various historical structures," says Das. "Being a visitor, walking on the stones that have shaped centuries of history, I have always wondered what those corridors have witnessed in their years and it is the explorer's delight of finding a nuanced view that occasionally passes the walker unnoticed," he adds.

"Photography is getting something extra out of ordinary things," says Dhingra. His theme here is 'Tibetan monks'. There is a lot of misconception about the way they are, they are considered to be very straight forward and headstrong about their agendas which is not so. They are also quite normal like you and me. So, through my photography I am trying to show that things are not always the way you see them as," he says. Be there.

At: Creativity Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village
On till: October 9
Timings: 11 am to 7.30 pm