So who's the best paper editor on TV?

Mar 12, 2014, 09:57 IST | Pradyuman Maheshwari

I often wonder how editors find the time to come on TV each night. Agreed they have exec/resident editors shouldering operational responsibilities, but at deadline hour, surely they need to stay connected to their newsrooms more actively, don’t they? But that’s really their problem, so here’s my partial list of eds who are good on telly (and those who aren’t).

>> Prabhu Chawla: Ed, The New Indian Express & Sunday Standard
The editor who has an insider’s view of everything. But the rep that he had in print wore off on TV when he played host on Aaj Tak and elsewhere. And as a guest on news shows, his showing is poor.

>> M J Akbar: Author, now Ed, Sunday Guardian
One of the sharpest minds in the business and an early entrant in the business, even as he’s moved right of centre. Thoroughly wasted and under-utilised on News TV

>> N Ram: Former Ed, The Hindu
No-nonsense commentator, respected and impartial even though known to be left-leaning. Skirmishes within his own publishing empire have dented his image slightly.

>> Vinod Mehta: Editorial Director, Outlook
A favourite across channels, one of the few editors who openly damns the BJP. Always has an interesting view on issues, but getting jaded

>> Kumar Ketkar: Former Ed, Diyva Marathi/Loksatta
The only editor from the regional media who makes it to this list. Ears firmly to the ground, is a favourite of anchors.

>> Shekhar Gupta: Ed, The Indian Express
Has a handle on everything, and over the years, has shed his I-know-it-all demeanour. When he’s on a nightly discussion, you know you’ll get the complete picture.

>> Siddharth Varadarjan: former Ed, The Hindu
He doesn’t pretend to have an insider’s view of what’s happening, but his views on all and sundry in politics and society matters. According to me, the best in the tribe, even though he’s no longer a full-time newspaperwallah.

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