In an horrific incident, an Uber driver tried to make sexual advances on his passenger who is an expat living in Mumbai. The girl, whose name hasn't been revealed in the post was taking an Uber from Pali Hill to 7 Bungalows late in the night when the incident occurred.

MumbaiScreenshot of the mobile

The incident came to light after a friend of the victim described the ordeal in a Facebook post.

According to the post, the driver "said that since the roads in Mumbai are horrible she was welcome to come sit in the passenger seat up front with him. When she refused to move he complained about low visibility through his back screen and told her he was going to pull over to clean it."

"The man then came back to the back seat and under the pretext of cleaning the window from the inside and proceeded to put his hand on her thigh and tried to feel her up."

The cab hiring app later issued a statement saying, "Uber has a zero tolerance policy towards any sort of harassment or misconduct. We have suspended the driver from our platform and have shared all details related to the trip and the driver with the relevant authorities for official investigation."

In December 2014, an Uber driver in New Delhi, Shiv Kumar Yadav, had raped a young executive in his car for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment. She had fallen asleep in the car and when she woke up, she found herself in a deserted area where the driver sexually assaulted her. After he was arrested, investigators discovered that that he had five cases of sexual assault registered against him and that he had used fake references to join Uber.

The post went viral on Facebook and Twitter with more than 10k shares, thus prompting Uber to take strict action.

Here's how Twitterverse reacted.