In a bid to increase the voting percentage in the district, Collector Saurabh Rao yesterday conveyed the instructions to newly appointed election observer TVK Reddy to spread election awareness among citizens.

Social networking sites and other means of communication such as pamphlets, voice messages and advertisements through local cable networks will play a major part in the awareness drive.

Reddy had visited the media cell yesterday and later conveyed his message to Rao.

While briefing Reddy’s directions to the media, Rao said that efforts will be made to increase the voting up to 75 per cent, 30 percentage points more than the last Lok Sabha elections held in 2009.

“Considering the increased voters’ ratio in the recently held assembly elections in five states, various activities would be held to raise the votes polled in the upcoming general elections,” Rao said.

He said 65,000 staffers were required to carry out election-related duties, and all government departments have been asked to contribute manpower for election duty. “Women employees, however, would not be sent out of the taluka of their office for the election duties,” said Rao.

Meanwhile, the voter’s registration drives would continue till March 16. “It will be the last chance for the voters to enroll their name in the voter’s registration list.

The district administration would try to give the EPIC (Elector’s Photo Identity Card) cards to those who would enroll their names by March 16,” Rao added.

Apart from previously registered 63 lakh voters, since March 9, 1.04 lakh new voters have enrolled themselves in the voter’s registration list.

“There are 18, 567 voters who are in the age group of 18-19 years, while 50, 918 women voters have enrolled themselves since March 9,” said Rao.

The no of staffers required to carry out election related duties this year in the district

1.04 lakh
The numner of new voters in the city, who enrolled themselves in the voter’s registration list since March 9

The no of voters in the age group of 18-19 years in the city