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Soothe your mind and soul with the The Ladakh Project, an EP by SickFlip, slated to release on August 22

When Mumbai-based producer Sarvesh Shrivastava (known for his bass-heavy experimental solo project SickFlip) visited Ladakh, the surreal landscapes and the zen overtone to the region fascinated him. He decided to turn his inspiration into music and this resulted in The Ladakh Project, a five-track EP, an audio-visual showcase and a music video.

The Ladakh Project by SickFlip incorporates tunes made on-site
The Ladakh Project by SickFlip incorporates tunes made on-site

Created in collaboration with The Outbox Project — a collective of photographers, cinematographers and visual artists — the showcase tunes were made on site. Overall, the EP took two months to be created. “The Ladakh Project is a deeply immersive audio-visual experience, which goes full circle by showcasing what we soaked in and unfurled, by means of our respective arts onto different media — music, video and photo-graphy,” says Shrivastava.

Cover of The Ladakh Project
Cover of The Ladakh Project

Sharing his experiences from the trip, Shrivastava shares an anecdote: “We spent a few days at Nubra Valley exploring the depths of the landscape and found that the closest monastery held its prayer session at 6 am. We missed the morning prayers, but instead found a lot of monks embracing the morning at this truly amazing spot in the monastery.”

Shrivastava ended up chatting with them for two hours and told them about the project. “They made me show them my project file and tell them about music production on a laptop. We spoke about the most unexpected things, including the role of the sun, music, creative energies, the Internet these days and the reach of supplies to small, remote areas in Ladakh. It was an unforgettable experience,” he sums up.

The Ladakh Project EP will be released for free download on August 22. SickFlip will perform on August 22, 10 pm at Bonobo, Bandra (W).



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