SRK's firm warns businessman of legal action

Oct 12, 2011, 07:44 IST | Imran Gowhar

Syed Aga had accused Red Chillies of stealing his idea of promoting Ra.One through a game

Red Chillies Entertainment Private Limited, owned by actor Shah Rukh Khan, has threatened to initiate strict legal action against a city-based businessman who accused the company of stealing his idea without acknowledging his contribution.

Whose idea? City businessman had allegedly proposed a phone gaming
idea to SRK for promotion of the upcoming film Ra.One. File Pic

Syed Shakir Aga, a city-based businessman, had alleged that he proposed a phone gaming idea to SRK for promotion of his upcoming film Ra.One, claiming the game would not only promote his movies, but also fetch him revenue. Though Aga showed an email from the company acknowledging his idea..

Aga who claimed to have been in touch with SRK's firm was shocked to know that the entertainment company had announced the launch of game, but conveniently ignored him. Aga claimed that he tried to contact them and sent several emails also, but did not get any response from them. Disappointed, Aga sent a notice to the company last month.

Replying to the notice Zeeshan Syed, the advocate representing the entertainment company, warned Aga to stop maligning the reputation of the company and the actor.

"You have obtained CFO's personal email id through a common friend with an ulterior motive and started sending unsolicited mails on your own accord and fancy," the notice stated. "There were neither any negotiations nor any transactions with you, even your claim of communicating your idea through emails have no specific inputs to substantiate your claim," the company clarified.

Terming all allegations leveled by Aga baseless, the company said that it was their propagation to launch the idea at any time and it does not require the permission of any one. "You have no right to claim any remuneration since there was no commitment either in writing or otherwise from the company," the notice further stated. The firm also warned Aga to refrain from making such defamatory claim or else legal action would be taken against him. Aga told MiD DAY that he would take necessary measures after consulting his advocate.

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