SRK in transit

Shah Rukh Khan was back on timelines following reports of his detention at an American airport. Abdul Wadud Aman tweeted: ‘Racial profiling is rampant in the US. This detention is a glaring example.’ Faking News jumped in with this: ‘Shah Rukh was questioned for two hours about the logic behind the new dress of KKR cheerleaders.’ Dinesh Ghodke had another message: ‘Dear US of A, stop detaining Shah Rukh like this. He takes it out on the rest of the world with stuff like My Name is Khan.’ And from Sanjay Jha: ‘Sorry Uncle Sam, but Shah Rukh Khan is more popular worldwide than Mr Tom Cruise.’

Spirituality pays
Godman Nirmal Baba was another topic of discussion after reports of his annual turnover being approximately Rs 84 crore emerged. Sudhir Tailang had this to say: ‘I have no problem with Nirmal Baba’s show on TV. The only regret I have is he has replaced a talented guy like Raju Srivastav!’ And Gautam Trivedi spoke for many with this: ‘People getting duped by Nirmal Baba deserve it. Spending your hard earned money on such babas is as pathetic as it can get.’

More questions
The Right to Education continued to provoke views, both for and against it. Gautam John asked: ‘For all the noise being made about the RTE and private schools, we are forgetting about public schools. Same standards or not?’ QuirkyLogic had more questions: ‘RTE not to apply to unaided private minority schools. Does that mean schools will soon become community oriented like colleges already are?’ And from Sadanand Dhume: ‘RTE may be well-intentioned, but it will effectively drown India’s few islands of private excellence in a sea of mediocrity.’

The last word
From legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar: ‘If one dream should fall and break into a hundred pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces and begin again.’

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