Upset about reports that Ra.One is being ghost-directed, SRK uses Rajinikanth's cameo scene to prove a point

Ra.One may be close to completion, but Shah Rukh Khan is not a happy man these days. Recent reports of how Karan Johar directed a scene for Ra.One, has upset the star.

These reports surfaced even while other reports were doing the rounds -- that Tarun Mansukhani (director of Dostana) and Khan individually directed some portions of the film.

SRK with Ra.One director Anubhav Sinha

So affected was the star that he is said to have used a recent shoot involving Rajinikanth (for a cameo in the film) to prove that Anubhav Sinha, not anyone else, is the director of the film.

According to a source, "Shah Rukh wanted this to be top secret because he knew that if anyone caught wind of it, it would appear that Karan had helped with the direction of the entire film, when he had only dropped in for a one-off token shoot."

Johar was reportedly roped in to help with the shooting of an emotional scene in the film, because Sinha was tied up with the shooting of another.

Clarifying the situation, an upset Khan said, "People are trying to take away credit  from Anubhav, claiming it was Karan who directed the film. That is hogwash. Karan directed one scene and Tarun Mansukhani came to the sets to learn about the action."

Wanting to set the records straight, Khan used the much-in-media attention shooting of Rajinikanth's cameo (on October 2) to prove the point.

According to eyewitness accounts, the star introduced Sinha to Rajinikanth, as the director of the film, and each time the southern star had a doubt about his scene and approached Khan, he was guided to Sinha.

Khan even stayed away from the editing room, when Sinha was working on Rajini's scene.