Starlet Meghna Patel strips in support of Narendra Modi

Small-time model-turned-actress Meghna Patel does risque photo shoot that has her hiding her modesty with a placard that reads 'Vote for Modi'

BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi seems to be gaining popularity and getting support from unusual quarters. After Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat sang 'happy birthday' for him, comes a small-time model and actress Meghna Patel, who has posed in the buff with a placard seeking support for the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Meghna PatelMeghna Patel's photo that has gone viral on the internet. Pic courtesy Twitter

As expected, the photos have gone viral on the micro blogging site Twitter and also caused both Modi and the BJP a lot of embarrassment.

In one of the pictures, Meghna, who acted in the TV series 'Kahaani Chandrakanta Ki', is covered with lotuses and holding a picture Modi. In another, she is seen posing nude with a placard reading ‘vote for Narendra Modi’ covering her torso.

Meghna PatelMeghna Patel campaigning for Narendra Modi? Pic courtesy Twitter

This 'bold' 'supporting' act has left the BJP embarrassed with a British newspaper Daily Mail saying the party members are not happy with this development and are dismissing this as a publicity stunt by the starlet.



  • Mohd gulzar12-Feb-2014

    kitna ganda tarika nikala h bjp ne .it's shameless

  • Mike James13-Feb-2014

    I have seen many actress who are doing such things for their own publicity. Rakhi Sawant, Meghna are just few names. They make a comment about a trending personality and become popular, or by doind such activities, I have never seen great actresses like Rekha, Hema Malini and many more doing such stuff, they are known for their acting or their work, not for exposing. So we should not relate this with any Political party.

  • Faiz mohd12-Feb-2014

    This is all voting tactice all happened before election some reviews its congress conspiracy to demoralising bjp party suddenly bjp take advantage of vote appeal

  • Kishan Mirajkar Rao14-Feb-2014

    Only 1 question WHY..?

  • Dasg12-Feb-2014

    These photos of Meghna Patel are more decent and less exposed compared to some of our Actress turned Political leaders (when they acted in films). Our actress turned leaders posed more vulgar/sexy/erotic in their days compared to Meghna.. If we can accept those actresses as our political leaders whats wrong with Meghna & Namo..?

  • hardeep12-Feb-2014

    this type of things are not good. its demolishing the image of party.

  • indian12-Feb-2014

    i think this is also a cheap trick played by the CONGRESS party u cheap people

  • Rubi11-Feb-2014

    Meghna Patel, born in Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat, Strips in Support Of Narendra Modi? Well, as it is Congress with its majority of years in governance since independence, has amassed unaccountable wealth while a common man has been reduced to tattered clothes. With Meghna Patel stripping the message is clear for common man that whatever is left will be stripped away after LS Election 2014.

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