Swimming star Stephanie Rice’s crippling shoulder injury may be because of using a stripper pole.

In an interview with Triple M, the 24-year-old sportswoman has revealed that she had a stripper pole installed in her home for cross training exercise.

Stephanie Rice
Stephanie Rice. Photo: AFP

“I did do some classes and I made one of my family members buy me the pole because I was, like, well this can be cross-training exercise,” the Telegraph quoted Rice as telling the radio station.

“But I don’t have it any more,” she said.

The triple gold-medallist said her future in the pool was uncertain, but she was trying to enjoy herself after her Olympics preparation, which included a four-month drinking ban.

She also said that she would have to come up with a new outfit if she did go to the 2016 Olympic Games: “I’m gonna have to think of something new - it was the police outfit in ‘08, the bikini in 2012 ...”