The rupee fell way past the psychological mark of 57 for the first time against the dollar, raising concerns over a slowdown in global economic growth while becoming a trending topic. Ritesh Bhagwati tweeted: ‘It seems the rupee has fallen deeply in love with the dollar!’ Abhishek Maheshwari added: ‘If it increases at this rate, the rupee will get admission to Delhi University next year.’ Sateash Jain had this to say: ‘India may burst crackers on June 26. Economy on the brink, rupee at Rs 56.87, high inflation and Finance Minister will resign to become President.’ And from Sreenath: ‘Being a very optimistic guy, after seeing Rs 56.87, I first thought it may be the reduced petrol price per litre.’

Up in smoke
The fire at Mantralaya was, obviously, the other big topic of discussion. Ashwin Mushran put things into perspective thus: ‘Mantralaya: Out of the filing plan....into the fire.’ Priya James added: ‘The fact that no Neta was in office hasn’t surprised anyone!’ Doctor At Large tweeted: ‘The fire burnt files without causing casualties - and then people say politicians don’t care for the people.’ Kaveri had this comment to make: ‘That picture of our flag being saved from flames brought a lump to my throat.’ There was this from Purvesh Desai: ‘Many lives were saved due to employee absenteeism.’ And from journalist Barkha Dutt: ‘How about some gratitude and hat doffing to fire fighters instead of the usual petty carping?’

New guy
The Pakistan Peoples Party and its allied parties nominated Raja Parvez Ashraf as their joint candidate for the post of Prime Minister. T S Sudhir tweeted: ‘With Ashraf to become the new Pakistan PM, a different Raja will now trend on Twitter.’

The last word
From former IPS officer Kiran Bedi: ‘The cause of fire will never be known as we do not have independent investigating agencies. We have professionals, not accountable institutions!’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (