Stringent law needed against forced conversions: Vinay Katiyar

Ghaziabad: Advocating for a stringent law against forced conversions, BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Katiyar today said a "relaxation" must be there for the "converted person" to revert back to his or her earlier religion.

"No one should be allowed to embrace another religion. A relaxation must be there for the converted person to revert back (ghar-vapsi) to his or her earlier religion, to which he or she was born," he told reporters here.

He said "the Opposition parties must support the issue (stringent law ) in both the Houses", adding that "Ghar-Vapsi is the fundamental right of a person converted under duress whatsoever". Katiyar was in Shalimar Garden here to launch a BJP's membership drive.



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