Sunny lands his filmmakers in a soup

Nov 04, 2011, 08:36 IST | Hiren Kotwani
Apparently, the actor's delays have made the producers of his film run into losses

The makers of I Love New York had to keep their sets standing, while waiting for dates from their lead actor, Sunny Deol.

The film, which was supposed to release along with RA.One, got postponed and is hoping to be released only next year.

According to sources a set was built at Filmistan Studios in Goregaon in August, but Sunny's dates got cancelled due to reasons best known to him.

This was only the beginning of their woes. Every time they readjusted the dates, Sunny would again cancel them. "The producers decided to not dismantle the sets hoping that they would get to shoot soon.
But when the shoot continued getting postponed, they had to incur substantial losses," says the source.

The director of the film, Vinay Sapru, however is not forthcoming about the reason for the delay. He says he is in the process of wrapping up the last portions of the film.
"Only about seven days' shoot is remaining, which has been scheduled in Canada next month.". Vinod Bhanushali of T-Series, insists that they did not release the movie earlier to avoid competition.

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