There is a time to support someone of your own fraternity and there is a time when it is not prudent to do so. It is shocking that Bollywood’s biggest names are using social networking sites to air their support for Sanjay Dutt, who is going back to jail after the Supreme Court gave its verdict in the 1993 blasts case.

There were responses ranging from how so and so was ‘heartbroken’ at the verdict for this ‘nice man’ (read Dutt) to tweets claiming he is ‘innocent’. It is sickening that this industry sweepingly tweets about his innocence.

How are these stars convinced that Dutt is innocent? Is it because he is Mr Nice Guy while shooting movies? Have any of these tweeters and assorted others thought about what they would do if one from their family had died in those blasts? Or grievously injured like the 700 were, some maimed for life?

Instead of tweeting about innocence and he-a-jolly-good-fellow-isms, maybe it would be better if these industrywallahs took a reality check. They need to read extensively about the 1993 blasts case instead of spewing knee jerk reactions about how heartbroken they are. In this case, silence would have proved golden instead of shedding cyber tears at this verdict. Their reaction smacks of the highest degree of ignorance and obviously there has been little reading about the history of this case.

While one does not advocate that all of them slam the star or pass judgement on him, many of these reactions are half-baked, immature and simply uniformed and smack of a distinct lack of empathy or sympathy for the victims.  Bollywood, so sterling in its unity, needs to learn the difference between a movie script and cold, hard reality. Bleeding hearts — we are just so unimpressed.