The curly-haired, bubbly and chirpy Rakhi Vijan, remembered fondly as Sweety from 'Hum Paanch', has undergone a complete makeover for 'Gangaa'. The actress is making a comeback of sorts with this show as her last outing on the small screen was quite short lived.

Rakhi Vijan in Gangaa
Rakhi Vijan's look in' Gangaa'

Rakhi will be seen in a key role as Prabha Mami, a loudmouth, married woman with a liking for ‘bhadak’ colours. The actress will be seen wearing gaudy sarees of the brightest colour.

Her character will also be seen sporting funky jewellery that spells out her self-centeredness. The jewellery has been custom-made to spell out her name. Pendant and earrings alike.

To top this up, her character is in a relationship with the mobile phone; so much so that she swears by the number of time it rings!