Take to the stage at a theatre workshop in Kamshet

The Company Theatre has launched TCT Workspace Kamshet, a platform for performance art and allows theatre, dance and music artistes to rehearse and conduct workshops. The GUIDE gives you the lowdown on the space

The Company Theatre (TCT) is 20 years old and has been associated with plays such as The Blue Mug, C for Clown, Nothing like Lear, Hamlet the Clown Prince, Noises Off and now Piya Behrupiya. More than a thousand artistes from all over india are associated with it.

The Company Theatre Workspace is spread across five acres
The Company Theatre Workspace is spread across five acres

They have recently launched TCT Workspace Kamshet, an endeavour to offer theatre, dance and music artistes a place to rehearse and further their craft. Atul Kumar, creative director of TCT, says, “We have staged plays ranging from physical mime to absurdist drama to clown adventures and musical sagas.

Artistes can rehearse indoors or outdoors
Artistes can rehearse indoors or outdoors

The work has travelled to audiences from historical venues like the Globe in London to theatres in small towns like Bareilly and Indore.” Alongside performances, TCT has also conducted workshops, theatre festivals and events for theatre-goers in the metros.

A overview of the workspace from a distance
A overview of the workspace from a distance

Their upcoming event to officially launch the new space will be an all-nighter and will feature the play, Satyashodak, directed by Atul Pethe from Pune; Kabirvani by Kaluram Bhamaniya, Madhya Pradesh; an Odissi recital by Bijayini Satpathy of Nrityaram, Bengaluru and Hindustani vocals by Manjusha Kulkarni Patil.

A staircase inside the workspace in Kamshet
A staircase inside the workspace in Kamshet

The festival will see attendance of notable and veteran theatre artistes and fine artists from Pune, Mumbai and other cities. Theatre practitioners from all over the country have been invited to share this evening for the arts. “This is a theatre and performing arts village, a sort of laboratory where artistes from theatre, dance and music fields can live together and generate new work. The festival aims to inaugurate this space,” adds Kumar.

Site focus
The first play rehearsed at the space was Piya Behrupiya and the first play to be performed was Satyashodhak. The five-acre residency is set amidst the rural landscape of the Western Ghats and is a contemporary performance research haven built to facilitate artiste exchanges, training programmes and the creation of new work in theatre, dance and music.

It provides artistes with the time and space to think, try new ideas, refine skills, share creative knowledge, grow in vision and craft. It is also one of the world’s few crowd-funded artiste centres.

It was founded with contribution from theatre artistes from all over India and the fine arts community (which donated works for their first fund-raiser in 2006). They have so far produced three new plays in the residency and have more than 40 theatre artistes participating in them.

On March 1, 7.30 pm onwards
At Uksan village, Maval Taluka, near Kamshet.
Email thecompanytheatre@

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