Tanmay Bhat: Get your finger inked just for the photo

Tanmay Bhat urges the youth to vote, just to put a picture of their inked finger on social media, if nothing else

Tanmay BhatTanmay Bhat

With the BMC elections just around the corner, comic Tanmay Bhat has a suggestion or two for the civic body to ensure people come out and vote and one incentive to urge the youth to get their finger inked. At his alma mater National College’s annual fest ‘Cutting Chai,’ Bhat, who last voted in 2014, said, “I think our country has not cracked it with the youngsters yet. If the BMC manages to get a black dot on youngsters’ profile pictures on Facebook, the way the LGBT flag and Digital India profile pictures appeared, I think we will be able to solve all problems. I really think the youth will come and vote. It’s a brilliant idea. But, this is my idea, my patent.”

Commenting on why he thinks youngsters are disinterested in voting, he said, “Because they are too busy attending college fests.” In his typical tongue-in-cheek fashion, Bhat says BMC must start sponsoring fashion shows and college events to attract the young ‘uns. “They won’t miss it. Trust me,” said Tanmay, adding, “However, no matter what the BMC does, no one is ever happy. It’s such a thankless job. Mumbai is a complicated city; it’s difficult to everything perfectly. We should thank them too.”

Ignore the dumbness
“I think we are the most politically aware generation, but also the most misinformed,” Tanmay said. On being asked what he thinks about the recent comments made by a city college principal on women students’ clothing impacting fertility, Bhat said, “We need to stop talking about dumb things. As soon as you hear or read about a dumb politician, just stop. And divert your focus. It will shift the traffic to good content.”

When asked about the political parties’ recent shift to social media, Bhat said, “I think they have started a bit too late. This should have started five years ago. But it’s a good a thing that it has started at least.” Speaking on how the parties need to work on their online presence, Bhat said, “Whenever any government tries to do anything digital, it’s always a bit odd. It fails to strike a chord with the youth, so they could work on that.”

Vlog for votes
Bhat plans to do something in the online space himself to encourage voters. “I’m thinking Rohan and I will go out and make a vlog [video blog] this election. It’ll be a pretty cool way to appeal to the youngsters to vote.”

But here’s the all-important question - will Tanmay vote? “I will, I hope. My only wish is to vote and come back home, click a picture like Amitabh Bachchan family -one with their middle fingers up – and put it up on social media. So, everyone, please go and vote, so you can put up that photograph.”

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