A religious studies teacher in a school in UK has been banned from working with children for life after she was found guilty of bombarding a boy pupil with explicit text messages
Kathryn Roach, who sent the messages after cheating on her fiance, targeted the 14-year-old after he and some classmates got hold of her phone and punched their numbers into it.
Bolton Crown Court heard that Roach then sent the boy texts, which "left him in no doubt what she wanted him to do to her".
The 24-year-old also admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and was jailed for six months, suspended for two years.
She was banned from working with children for life and told to sign the Sex Offenders Register for seven years.
"The texts were full of sexual innuendo, inciting him to engage in sexual contact with you," the Daily Express quoted Judge Stephen Everett as saying.
"You were in an important position of trust. There are a tiny minority of rotten apples - teachers who allow themselves to get involved sexually with children in their charge. I can only regard this as selfish hypocrisy," he said.
Roach, who is now married, texted the pupil at Thornleigh Salesian ­Roman Catholic High School in Bolton 205 times over three weeks in March and April last year.
She first asked the boy after a class if the texts were "going to lead to anything further" but he said he did not know, and later asked to see him before she went on holiday to Italy from where sent him a series of sexually explicit messages.