A 53-year-old former teacher who turned to France's government-run jobs agency in a bid to find work was insulted to be offered a position stripping in a local nightclub for 12 euros an hour.
Daniele Casadamont was contacted by jobs agency Pole Emploi, which emailed her the 'Nightclub searches stripper' job offer, The Local reported. Casadamont, who received the email at her home in Poussan, south-west France, is less than thrilled.
"If Pole Emploi is suggesting we go naked for money, where's it going to end?" she said on radio station RTL. The firm refused to apologise for the job proposal. "There's no problem," Pascal Blain told regional newspaper Midi Libre.
"The offer is completely legal and there's nothing discriminatory. "This lady received it because she has subscribed to job offers proposed in her region. "The mails are automatic. It's the machine that does the work," he said.
"Letting the machine do the work, that's the problem," Casadamont responded. "The image of women is so mistreated today. "It's time to stop asking us to drop our pants," she added.