Tech: An app aids the practice of storytelling with prompts

Mar 17, 2016, 09:02 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

Katha Kosa, a city-based story club, has launched an app to aid writers and creative games. This app (available on Google Play) is a simple assortment of prompts for ideas that may lead to stories.

The creator of the app, Dhara Kothari, who is also the founder of Katha Kosa, says, “I had created a few story games earlier, like cards as prompts for stories; later, I felt that an app would have a greater reach.

Screenshot of The Katha Kosa app
Screenshot of The Katha Kosa app

There are apps, which deal with logical games but hardly any concerned with creative pursuits. So, I thought this would be a good intervention.”

When you start the app you come to a page that looks like a cookie jar. You can either shuffle the jar or pick a cookie. Once you click on the cookie that appears on the screen, it gives you a prompt, (we got Wild Animal) and then go ahead and write something on that.

Dhara Kothari
Dhara Kothari

For World Storytelling Day that falls on this Sunday, the team at Katha Kosa has organised a story session at Marine Drive. For those bold and keen enough to share their writings, can drop by the promenade.

On: March 20
At: Marine Drive, opposite Sea Green Hotel.
Call: 9820010335
Log on to:

Storytellers would like to read out

Jerry Pinto  I don’t tell stories that already exist. You run the risk of losing the audience if they know the story. This is specially true of children who will butt in if you are not telling the story their way and say something like ‘My Papa told me that the girl was wearing a blue dress’. Test-drive a story that has been forming in your brain and work out the story as it goes, watching it take form and billow about the room. Jerry Pinto’s novel Em And The Big Hoom was received with critical acclaim. 

Piyush Jha  I would like to read out The Body, a story by Stephen King. It is a beautiful coming-of-age story. Piyush Jha is a screenwriter and novelist


Zafar Anjum  I would like to read out The Death of Ivan Illyich by Tolstoy or The Metamorphosis by Kafka. Zafar Anjum is the author of Kafka in Ayodhya and Other Short Stories


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