Police reluctant to give out info on 35-year-old woman who set ex-lover and his fiancee on fire, say they don't want to alert her

Two days after a Bangalore-based techie, Anushree Kundra (35), set ablaze her former boyfriend and his fiancee, the police are silent on leads in the case, as they feel giving out any information will alert the suspect.
They said the suspect was constantly accessing information published on her and changing her hideouts.
Earlier, the police said Kundra may have spent a night at her sister's residence in Andheri. They said Kundra left Mumbai after realising the police had come looking for her at her sister's residence.

On October 14, Kundra, who is working with a banking major in Bangalore, allegedly set ablaze her former boyfriend Nimesh Sinha (27) Rameshnandan Prasad and his fiancee Juhi Abhayunandan  Prasad (26) at the couple's rented flat in Fatima Nagar.

Juhi, who sustained 90 per cent injuries, is undergoing treatment at a private hospital. Nimesh sustained 10 per cent burns. His condition is stable.

Mumbai stopover
Investigating officers said Kundra stayed at her sister's residence in Versova, Andheri, and left the next day without saying a word to her sister's children and husband. Her brother-in-law came to know about Kundra's misdeeds only after he saw the news. Sources in the investigative team said, since October 15 there was no trace of Kundra.

"I do not want to share information on where our teams are, as doing the same will alert the suspect," said Police Inspector Bajirao Mohite.

The police said Kundra was earlier married to one Shetty but separated from her husband and her 12-year-old son, who are now in Bangalore. The police said she allegedly stayed with Nimesh in Gurgaon for three years, before shifting to the city. His parents disapproved of their relationship.

The police said when Kundra came to know Nimesh's parents had fixed his marriage with Juhi, she got angry and came to the city to question Nimesh.

Nimesh's mother informed his fiancee about this and Juhi too came to the city to sort out the matter. After pacifying Kundra, the couple slept in the bedroom. Sometime around morning, Kundra poured fuel on them and set them afire.

Juhi is a relative of MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy of the BJP.