Four State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) men who were found sleeping on duty in Kalyan are likely suffering sleepless nights now after they were suspended.

These four are among 17 personnel who caused the SRPF great embarrassment after all their rifles were stolen from under their nose as they snoozed through their night duty at the communally sensitive Durgadi Fort.

In a front-page report, mid-day had highlighted how the local police ‘stole’ the rifles to teach the platoon a lesson after Senior Police Inspector Dilip Suryawanshi saw the SRPF men had fallen asleep and left the rifles unprotected in the security cabin (‘Cop trolls napping SRPF, steals entire platoon’s rifles’, February 5).

It was even more shocking that this happened just two days after the area DCP caught them napping and gave them a warning.

When mid-day contacted SRPF Commandant Nisar Tamboli, he confirmed the suspension and said the four had been suspended as it was their responsibility to look after the rifles.

“A department inquiry was carried out by the Bazarpeth police station, which sent us a report of the negligence by our personnel. Accordingly, we took action against those found guilty,” he added.

All four have been sent back to the force’s training centre, while the remaining men have received yet another warning to stay alert. Officials refused to reveal the names of those suspended.