Thane: 60-year-old collapses and dies while chasing tow truck

His daughter alleged that he was pushed by a traffic constable, leading to his death; traffic department denied this

A 60-year-old man passed away after he collapsed while chasing after a tow truck hauling his scooter away. While the retired bank employee is suspected to have suffered a heart attack, his family claims that he collapsed after he was pushed by a traffic constable. While the traffic police have denied this charge, they have started an inquiry and have transferred the accused constable until the matter is decided.

Madhukar Kasare (60) ran after the tow truck as it was hauling  his scooter away, which had important documents inside
Madhukar Kasare (60) ran after the tow truck as it was hauling his scooter away, which had important documents inside 

Madhukar Kasare (60), a resident of Kalyan, had just retired from his job at the Bank of Maharashtra a month ago. At around 11 am on Wednesday morning, he went to Mahalaxmi hotel near Kalyan railway station to meet a friend and figure out how to apply for pension, since it was his first time. When his friend arrived, Kasare went to collect his documents from the bike’s glove compartment and saw the traffic van towing his bike away. He gave chase, asking the traffic cops to stop and at least let him take his documents, but then he collapsed. Kasare was shifted to Rukmini Bai hospital in Kalyan west, where he was declared dead.

The allegation
His daughter Nisha, however, alleges that he was pushed by a traffic constable, leading to his death. “He saw that his vehicle was being towed by the traffic cops. He asked them to stop as he wanted to take his important documents. But he was pushed and then fell down, which was noticed by the passers-by,” stated Nisha in a complaint letter to the Mahatma Phule police station.

The counter
On the other hand, the traffic department said the allegation is completely false and baseless. They claimed to have CCTV footage from the camera on the towing van that shows Kasare running behind, with no one pushing him. The department further claimed that the cop — identified as Constable Sharad Suryavanshi — never pushed Kasare, but tried to revive the elderly man with some water.

However, based on the complaint, an inquiry has been initiated and will be led by Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Chandrashekar Gole. Until then, Constable Suryavanshi has been transferred to the traffic control room. Meanwhile, the doctor’s report on the cause of death is also awaited. “An inquiry is been initiated and investigation is on,” confirmed Senior Police Inspector Anil Pawar, from the Mahatma Phule Police station. Traffic DCP Dr Rashmi Karandikar, also confirmed the same and added that the allegation was false.

Another official said, “The complainant was not present at the scene, but we have spoken to auto rickshaw drivers who were there and they said that the deceased was never pushed. We have also spoken to the deceased’s former colleagues, and they said that he had suffered from heart attacks in the past as well.”



  • michael10-Jun-2016

    I fail to understand why cops tow cars or bikes like they are stealing them. Why cant the fine be collected at the spot if the driver or owner is around. This is a Towing van scam which is for the benefit of the towing contractor. The person would have been alive if the traffic constable would have collected the said government fine at the spot and left the scooter. Sad that a life is lost and this stupid battle on who is responsible. ITS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THIS SO CALLED SYSTEM.

  • ANTHONY10-Jun-2016

    Everything is funny in our country when it comes to traffic rules. Always statistics appears in the TV channels and newspapers about road accidental death in year,etc. But why the accidents happens? How many cities in India has traffic signs on the roads. In many countries in the world, one will 10 different signs on the roads sides in one kms, whereas we find one traffic sign in 10 kms. On the roads signal, motorist are waiting on the zebra crossing for the signals to change, (see next)

  • ANTHONY10-Jun-2016

    In front of the traffics police signals with walkie-talkie, the motorist all are waiting on the pedestrian zebra crossing, but the police is not bothered to fine them on correct. Pedestrian have no place to cross the road inspite of having a designated area for crossing.. Zebra crossings are blocked by the motorist. Police are busy catching helmet, tinting, wrong parking etc.This is our traffic dept. (laff)

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