Thane civic authorities want new constructions to have composting plant

Apr 16, 2016, 11:26 IST | Varun Singh

In an attempt to not face a situation like BMC, where High court asked it not to pass files of new construction, the Thane Municipal Corporation has submitted a proposal that, every up coming construction, with an area of 1,000 square meters and above will have to have a composting unit, to treat wet and organic waste.

This waste will have to be treated within the project, or else the Municipal Corporation won't give them Occupation Certificate. Also they will put a clause that the builder will have to make an agreement with the society, or residents that once the building is handed over to them they will have to maintain the plant.

Since March, the BMC has been ordered by the Bombay High Court that they cannot approve files for new construction of residential and commercial projects, except for redevelopment, till the time they cannot come up with a solution for the Sewage treatment. Following this, the BMC came up with various measures.

Even KDMC, which is still facing the embargo of no new construction since 2015, has now, come up with a solution that the new projects above 2,000 square meters will have to come up with wet waste composting within their societies. However, TMC has gone a step further and it has made it mandatory for the project half the size, and wants it to be implemented for 1,000 square meters plot.

“It is possible to follow this even in 1,000 square meters plot area. We are allowing them to construct the plant where they can treat organic and wet waste on Recreation ground and even on terrace. Also with the FSI and other TDR benefits that we give the builders, these plants can be constructed in 1,000 square meters plot,” said P Nimbalkar, executive engineer, TMC.

He further added, "We have made the proposal, which will be discussed in the General Body of TMC on April 20, after that suggestions and objections will be called in and then the government will pass it. We have added the clause that if builder doesn't make the arrangement they won't get OC, this will act a s deterrent for builder to not flout the rule."

Already the existing dumping ground of Diva where nearly 700 metric tons of garbage that is generated within TMC limits is dumped is overflowing. TMC claims it cannot afford to face the rap of the court and hence such decisions in DCR are being taken and will be implemented soon as government is also keen on waste management in all the Urban Local Bodies.

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