Thane: Court allows KDMC to pass building proposals

What the Bombay High Court asked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on February 29, on not passing files of new constructions, the same query was directed towards Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) in April last year. And finally, the stay was lifted on Monday. It took more than a year for KDMC to come up with a feasible solution or plan to convince the court.

Because of this, a small corporation like KDMC suffered a loss of nearly Rs 70 crore and it took them almost a year to get a new dumping ground after several failed attempts. Almost a year later, the Municipal Corporation of Kalyan and Dombivli is hopeful now that it will get revenue back, after the court took a lenient approach and allowed them to pass building proposals.

KDMC generates 550 metric tones of garbage every day, which was being dumped in Adharawadi dumping ground, for almost 45 years and the capacity of dumping ground to hold some 15 lakh cubic meters had been passed a few years ago, thus forcing the High Court to ask the Municipal Corporation to stop passing building proposals.

Finally in Barave, the Municipal Corporation found a 2.23 hectare land, where it has decided to dump the city's garbage, and in March they opened the tenders. The expected garbage to reach this dumping ground is between 155-200 metric tones.

According to officials, KDMC earned only Rs 32 crore in the whole year, thus missing their target of Rs 100 crore in a big way.

From March 1, the BMC has been directed by court to not give Commencement Certificates and Intent of Disapproval IOD/CC to any new construction, except for the redevelopment, SRA, MHADA, hospitals and school buildings till the time the state government and BMC doesn't come up with a proper Solid Waste Management programme.

Seeing the example of KDMC, builders in the city can rest for a year, as that's how long the KDMC took to overcome this issue.

Bandish Ajmera, leading developer in Kalyan as well as in Mumbai welcomed the HC order, he said, "KDMC has suffered a lot. However, with this stay being lifted, we are expecting construction activity to speed up. This being an open land and large chunk of land being available here, affordable houses are possible here only."

Another builder said, "The prices in this area have remained stagnant and, in some cases, have gone high, as there were no new flats available. With this, home buyers will have options available and the prices will surely get affected."

There are some 13-biogas plants that the KDMC is planning to start in Kalyan and Dombivli and they claim the location will be so that the electricity generated either will be used for street lights and, if remaining, they can be easily diverted to the offices of the municipal corporation.

Adharwadi Dumping ground was never the dumping ground that this municipal corporation started with the motive of catering to Kalyan and Dombivli. According to officials from KDMC, the dumping ground was already in existence, when the municipal corporation was formed in 1983. Adharwadi dumping ground is expected to have started from 1971 and as it was already there, the Municipal Corporation started using it.

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