There are few things from childhood that would always remain with me no matter where I go: Gabbar Singh from Sholay, a TV show called Tarram Too that was telecast on Doordarshan during summer vacations, mangoes, the cartoon show TaleSpin, Alif Laila, and paintings by Jamini Roy in our school textbooks.

I remember Roy largely because of the unusually long eyes in the paintings. For a kid, it was difficult to understand why would any artist paint such unusually large eyes.

It seemed preposterous. But thanks to the explanations of a certain history teacher, his works always made me feel liberated — that one can always break away from the status quo and do things their way.

I’m sure there’s more to Roy’s works than that, and therefore, the upcoming exhibition of his works at the National Gallery of Modern Art is worth exploring.

Titled, Jamini Roy 1887-1972: Journey to the Roots, the exhibition will showcase nearly 200 works of art, paintings, sculptures, drawings and sketches. So, if you happen to be in the area, don’t miss out on the master’s works.