The Best of Bond... James Bond: 50 years-50 tracks

The Best of Bond...James Bond:
50 years-50 tracks
Singer: Various artistes
Label: EMI
Price: Rs 495
rating ****

It is one of those curious things that accompany the release of every Bond film. You first get a collection of previous Bond songs and then a soundtrack for the new film. And it has been no different with Skyfall. We have a number of Bond music compilations, all of which exclude anything from Skyfall — the cunning plan to make you purchase the soundtrack. This collection, however, is easily one of the best we have ever seen in Bond musical territory.

As the name of the set indicates, there are 50 tracks here, over two CDs. There is a clear division between the two disks — the first contains most of the “official” and publicised stuff — you can apply for residence on another planet if you have not heard John Barry’s legendary James Bond theme from the first Bond film, Dr No. You also have numbers from the likes of Tom Jones (Thunderball), Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger), Madonna (Die Another Day), and our personal favourites — the swaggering, rocking Tina Turner with Golden Eye, and the mellow, melodious Louis Armstrong with We have all the time in the world.

It’s, however, the second disk that will interest hardcore Bond fans, as it contains lots of theme music and lesser known gems, such as Shirley Bassey’s Mr kiss kiss bang bang (“He’s tall and he’s dark/ And like the shark/ He looks for trouble/ That’s why the zero’s double”), KD Lang’s Surrender, Moby’s take on the Bond theme and the number that will make even stonehearted 007 fans teary: Under the mango tree by Diana Coupland (remember Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in a two-piece in Dr No?). All of which makes this collection a must-have for new and old Bond fans alike — newbies can tune in to the numbers in the first disk and discover the rich musical legacy (jinxed though, some call it — many artistes never got a big hit after doing a Bond number) of Bond films, while those with a longer association with 007 can linger over the second one.  

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