The Emmy hosts of the decade!

The right host can make or break any award ceremony! They keep the spirit of the audience rip roarin’ in between all the award disseminations, go to insane lengths to pull off that one memorable gag and even manage to raise a couple of eyebrows with their well-timed jabs at the who’s who of the industry.

Hosting the Emmy Awards is a tough gig and requires meticulous rehearsals and the uncanny ability to just 'wing it'. In lieu of the upcoming 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, that will be simulcast LIVE on Star World, Star World HD & Star World Premiere HD at 5:30 AM on 18th September with a prime time repeat at 8:00 PM, let’s take a look at some of the boldest, wittiest and funniest hosts over the past decade!

1)Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres’s sardonic humour earned her several standing ovations during her opening speech, which included a one-liner that went viral at the time, ‘Would you upset the Taliban more than a gay woman wearing a suit in front of a room full of Jews?’ Her ability to pull of the sassiest of lines with a straight face was what sizzled her hosting skills to the next level.

2)Neil Patrick Harris 

Neil Patrick Harris is a pro when it comes to hosting award shows by now and in spite of the overwhelming pressure, he’s never failed to disappoint. Mid-way through an act, he stripped off his blazer and performed a comedic routine with a troupe of male backing dancers that poked fun at the obligatory song and dance routines on award shows. His unbridled charm is what makes him a truly ‘legendary’ host. (Yes, pun intended). 

3)Seth Meyers 

No clichés for the sexy Seth Meyers, who went for the minimalistic approach in his stint as a host for the Emmy awards. His breezy charm won hearts as he gave us the juicy insider know-how on TV’s glitterati. The jokes about the mismatch within the shows and categories as well as the rift between broadcast versus cable provided unique insights into the madness of the U.S. television industry. Seth Myers kept the banter light and upbeat. 

5)Jimmy Kimmel 

The Jimmy Kimmel Live host’s effortless vibe in infectious. He is quick with the blows, never misses a cue and even handed out homemade PB&J sandwiches to the stars last year! His monologues are delivered with panache, with one of his sketches beginning with a video montage that saw him hitching a ride to the Emmys with various cast members. From his well-times jabs about Game of Thrones to poking at hard-hitting issues like politics and diversity, Kimmel’s zingers had the audience in splits. 

6)Stephen Colbert 

The man of the hour, this year, is Stephen Colbert who has been announced as the host for the upcoming 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. Colbert, the host for ‘The Late Show’, is widely known for his punches on the POTUS, Trump. With a fearless passion for live television, he is all set to keep up the momentum of charismatic hosts going for the biggest award show in television history. 

1.       Neil Patrick Harris 

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