Experience a musical evening where terrific riffs will combine with rhythmic beats, as guitarist Chandresh Kudwa brings all-guitar band Axe-tortion to the city

An initiative that kickstarted a year ago is currently the most sought-after guitar project across the country. We are talking about the Mumbai-based band Axe-tortion, which is guitarist Chandresh Kudwa's brainchild.

Musician Chandresh Kudwa

"The idea was to perform with guitarists and create an ambience where the guitar gets to sing. It's an all-instrumental act where guitarists perform their original songs and at the end of the show, all get together and jam over popular numbers giving it different twist," said Kudwa.

At the upcoming performance this Friday, Chandresh will  be accompanied by guitarists Daniel Rego from Demonic Resurrection, Vinay Lobo from Airport alongwith Crosby Fernandes on bass and Hamza Kazi on drums.

Explaining the concept, Kudwa said, "One identifies a singer by the tonal quality in his/her voice and a guitarist is recognised by the signature sound he creates. Usually in a band, the guitarist is always the rhythm player or the backing vocalist. Axe-tortion is letting the guitarist lead the show just like the frontman of any band. I am happy with the way people have loved Axe-tortion. The journey has been fabulous."

Each guitarist will perform their original compositions and Chandresh will be performing songs from his recently released album Conqueror, which includes the sounds of his electric guitar and the electric Ukulele instrument.

The jam session at the end of the show is something that Kudwa is excited about. "We pick popular tracks that people usually listen to and turn it around. The sound is completely distinct and we are looking forward to playing it in front of the Pune audience," he says.

On December 16, 9 pm onwards
At High Spirits, Koregaon Park.