The musical pied-piper is in town

Oct 12, 2011, 10:14 IST | Akshata Shetty
Musician Ankur Tiwari is back with his latest songs, catch him at Maadhyam 2011. The Guide chats up with him about his song writing, his hunger for inspiration and love for indie movies

A few days go, a video caught our attention; it boasted of simple lyrics, a voice to remember and a melody that struck all the right chords. The song was Aa Jao written and composed by musician Ankur Tewari.

A singer, songwriter and an extremely profound performer, Ankur has been in the music scene for the past 12 years, but each time he composes a song, you know that it will be something you will love going back to again and again. For all those who love his music and his band, Ankur Tewari is all set to perform live in the city.

His earlier gig was in December 2010 and this performance at Maadhyam 2011 will be Ankur's first performance this year. the event has been organised by the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.

 Ask him what's in store for the festival and his fans who are looking forward to the gig and Ankur shares, "I will be including newer songs, such as Aa Jao. I recently uploaded it four days back online. I had written the song a year back, and will practice the song with my band, so that we can perform it at the event."

On probing him about the song's subject matter, Ankur shares that it's based on certain incidents that affected him in life. "People tend to find their stories in the songs I have written. I compose what I feel and whenever I perform live, I make it a point to talk about the song I wrote. Aa Jao is a song about faith.
It also signifies how we use our heart over our head at times. For me it's an amalgamation of four to five stories. It's not just one incident."

For the musician, writing lyrics and composing a tune happens to him simultaenously. "I write with my guitar. A note could lead to a word, which could lead to a phrase and then to a hook. It's like playing table tennis," he grins.

Apart from songwriting and composing in the four walls of his house, Ankur loves meeting people. He believes that it helps him learn about people's stories as he is "hungry for inspiration".

Apart from his original songs such as Sabse Peeche Hum Khade and Bhool, he will also perform the song Jannat, which was used in the recently released film Soundtrack. Ankur admits that he loves the idea of indie musicians using their music in films.

Win free passes for the show
Mid-Day is a print partner for Maadhyam 2011, the Symbiosis Media Festival. We are giving out free passes for those who would love to hear Ankur Tewari and The Ghalat Family perform live. CALL 67016028

On October 15, 7pm onwards
At Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication Auditorium, Viman Nagar.

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