The number game

Oct 03, 2011, 11:18 IST | Special Features

Dr Pannkaj G Joshii is a leading numerologist and expert gemologist and homeopath. Dabbling in numerology since 1991, he's now a specialist in the field and also famous for colour and gem therapy.

He has also won awards as a gemologist. He has delivered speeches on gems and colour therapy, homeopathy and numerology.

The pursuit of happiness
Providing intuitive consultation to many clients, Joshii treats numerology as sacred science and not a matter of commercial pursuit. A simple man with high ideals, he has a friendly approach towards his clients. Most of his clients think fondly of him.

A combination of numerology with face reading can produce great results. Joshii's clients are usually happy with his mostly accurate predictions.

He has suggested remedies for overcoming setbacks and obstacles in life. He says, "Stones can help in getting rid of negative energies and bad vibes around us. However, precaution should be taken while selecting and wearing the same."

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