The twilight saga

Jan 12, 2012, 07:52 IST | Urmimala Banerjee
Artist Gurcharan Singh is known for his works that show the darker side of life. But his latest show, Twilight Tales, that opens tomorrow at The Viewing Room, Colaba, is more joyful than that. The artist, who is showcasing after nine long years, says that his art is mostly unplanned and intrinsic. CS chats with him before the exhibition:

Who: Gurcharan Singh
What: Talking about his body of work
Where: At The Viewing Room, Colaba

It's show time
Yes, there is a sense of anticipation and excitement because I am holding a big exhibition after a really long time. Though I was doing small shows in between, things weren't falling in place for a bigger show. So, I am very glad that I got this opportunity to showcase on such a big scale. I have spent the entire last year working on these paintings. But the paperwork on the paintings had started much before. The medium used is oil and acrylic. Age is not an issue if you are passionate about what you do. But at times, thinking about ideas can be more tiring than the actual process of painting.

People power
My paintings depict the people I see around me. The works dwell on human beings and themes like mutual concern, simple pleasures, misgivings, etc. You will see a number of animals in my paintings. They showcase the primitive side of man. Some of the paintings show the contradictions of life, and society at large. I use bold colours in all my paintings, out of personal choice. The paintings on display aren't very abstract, and can be understood even by a layman. 

Art aaj kal
I feel that art is a very personal thing. The paintings we see on display reflect what an artist is feeling at a particular juncture. So, I don't agree with the notion that Indian contemporary art is very inspired by Western works and so on. The good part is that the Indian art scene is thriving now with a greater number of artists and art collectors. In my time, even buying painting materials was a task. We had to travel to different cities to get our stuff. I think that Internet is the best thing to happen to artists. Youngsters can learn about techniques, view art works and form communities online. 

Contemporary class
Artists like MF Hussain, Tyeb Mehta and Krishen Khanna were my contemporaries. So, I saw some brilliant works happening during my time. It was a very inspiring era. In today's artists, I like Sunil Padwal, Arzan Khambatta and Sunil Gadve.


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