Catch a performance by the Jazz/World Music band at Blue Frog tonight

Saiyuki-Trio is made up of three diverse, extremely talented musicians the French-Vietnamese guitar maestro Ngyeun Le, the Indian tabla specialist  Prabhu Edouard, and the Japanese Koto virtuoso Meiko Miyazaki.

The name Saiyuki-Trio is the Japanese name for the Journey to the West, a Chinese novel written in the XVIth century by Wu Cheng'en. The name is reflective of the essence of the collaboration. Each Saiyuki musician, whether it's Ngyeun, Prabhu or Meiko , brings with him or her an influence of two cultures coming from tradition and modernity.

Ngyeun's base is Jazz but she adds other essential cultures that remind her of her origins to her style of performance. Mieko and Prabhu are also living ethnic musicians. One has performed an XVIIIth century Japanese classical piece for the Imperial couple, whereas the other has played with none other than Hariprasad Chaurasia.